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In order to avoid fictitious orders we have decided to log the IP address and server of origin for all orders transmitted. In this way it is possible to trace the telephone number of the sender in order to adopt legal measures to request compensation for the damage suffered.


All models are of Celtic-German inspiration, designed for a specific purpose and guaranteed. Due to the type of working, completely handcrafted and thus carried out manually, each item is unique and impossible to reproduce in an identical manner

Technical characteristics:

C-304 stainless steel and C-40 steel blades, entirely crafted by hand, with hot forging using hammer and anvil.
The blade and tang are made in a single piece, there are no welded or threaded pieces.
The sword handles are made up of a wooden base covered with hide and leather, all treated with resins, which cover the very strong tang.
The hilt-guards and grips are in iron and/or brass.
The axes are in C-40 steel with the shaft in ash wood.
The materials used for the handles are:
Deer horn and wood (ash, beech, oak, teak, hazel wood, birch, rowan, yew, box-wood).
The resistance of C-304 steel is around 90 kilograms per square millimetre.

It takes from 60 to 90 days to realise the different products.


The swords supplied by us are not considered to be "arms" but rather "historical reproductions" and thus do not require any form of permit. The possession and carrying of such articles is regulated by the concept of justified motive (art. 45, paragraph 2, T.U.L.P.S.).


All goods are sent at the customer's risk and responsibility.
The more fragile products are packed carefully, so that they are not damaged in any way.


Mailing will take place for a minimum quantity of 3 bottles and in multiples of 3.

* * *


Reserved intellectual property